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China's State Council Development Research Center and Germany Bosch Group recently released in Beijing, "learn from Germany" industry 4.0 "to promote the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry," the study, the State Council Development Research Center, deputy director of Long Guoqiang said that Germany "Industrial 4.0" to improve the German manufacturing Industry's core competitiveness, the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry also has important reference. But he also pointed out that the German industry 4.0 is not China's industrial 4.0, can not simply copy and copy. Hope through this research, to explore and grasp the experience of German industry 4.0 practice, from which to find some regular things. The report makes a systematic and in-depth study on the present situation of China's manufacturing industry, and makes a comprehensive and objective evaluation of German industry 4.0. On this basis, it puts forward the strategic goal, overall thinking and concrete policy suggestion of China's manufacturing transformation and upgrading The

In August 2015, the State Council Development Research Center and Bosch reached a cooperation agreement and officially launched research projects. The two sides attach great importance to this cooperation, by Li Wei, director and chairman of Dunnar personally as the project leader, the specific work by the State Council Development Research Center of Industrial Economics Research and Bosch China. As an important sponsor and leader of German Industry 4.0, Bosch shared the knowledge and experience of German industry 4.0 during the project and assisted Chinese partners in conducting research and research. Bosch Group members of the board of directors, said Dr. Shi Weina, the use of information and communication technology to enhance the competitiveness of traditional manufacturing industry is becoming a global trend. "Made in China 2025" will help China's manufacturing industry in the global round of a new round of industrial revolution to maintain and enhance the core competencies and global competitiveness.

China's manufacturing industry as a whole is still in the industrial 2.0 to industrial 3.0 transition stage. Different industries, regions and enterprises between the degree of automation and information technology there is a huge difference in the level of development varies. Which also makes the Chinese manufacturing enterprises in the process of transformation to the intelligent manufacturing, will show a variety of needs. Dr. Schwynner said that Bosch in the field of industrial 4.0 to take a "double strategy", both the leading practitioners are excellent suppliers. With its manufacturing experience in the field of business and industry practice, Bosch offers a portfolio of hardware and software solutions for the Chinese and foreign manufacturers of different industries and sizes to help transform and upgrade China's manufacturing industry. As one of the leading enterprises in the domestic machinery industry, Qinchuan Machine Tool is the first industrial production line strategic partner for the Qinchuan machine tool robot joint gear reducer production line project to provide production line design and implementation of information technology to upgrade the integration program.

The report proposed, learn from Germany "Industrial 4.0" to promote China's manufacturing transformation and upgrading of the path of "three steps."

The first step (3 years - 5 years): fill the industrial Internet digital short board, lay the foundation of hardware and software; through the pilot demonstration to seek key breakthrough areas; learn from Germany, the United States and other countries experience, to create "Chinese version of the industry 4.0 platform ", For the political, production, learning and other stakeholders to build a smooth information communication and interest demands mechanism.

The second step (5 years - 10 years): the digital, intelligent manufacturing by the local pilot demonstration to the nationwide spread, while enhancing the "industrial 4.0" related technology application level; in the military integration, 3D printing, artificial intelligence and other fields Narrow the gap with the developed countries, and the formation of a large number of advantages of industrial clusters, to participate in international competition and strive to obtain competitive advantage.

The third step (10 years - 15 years): China has become the world's smart products and intelligent service market vane and the dominant force in the artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality and other fields to achieve the international advanced level, and fully integrated into the various manufacturing areas , To promote the growth of the manufacturing industry to maximize the formation of wide coverage, efficient intelligent manufacturing ecosystem, so that the core competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises more reflected in the digital capabilities。

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