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What is a Electric fan?

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What is a Electric fan?
Fan referred to as fan, also known as fan, fan fan, is a motor-driven fan rotation, to achieve the air to speed up the flow of household appliances, mainly for cool Jieshu and circulation of air. Widely used in homes, classrooms, offices, shops, hospitals and hotels and other places.
The fan is mainly composed of fan head, fan blade, net cover and control device and other components. Fan includes motor, front and rear cover and shaking head blowing mechanism. The main components of the fan are: AC motor. Its working principle is: power coil in the magnetic field in the force and rotation. Electric energy into mechanical energy, and because of the coil resistance, so inevitably part of the energy to be converted into heat.
Common household fans are essentially axial fans, that is, the flow of wind parallel to the fan axis of rotation.
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