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Company News
china latest news about Industrial fan function

Industrial fan function

[2019-04-23 17:03:43]
Staff cooling In the large energy-saving fan produced by the natural breeze blowing in the human body, to promote the evaporation of sweat to take away the heat, leaving the body cooling, cooling experience. Typically, this cooling experience can reach 5-8 ℃. Large-scale energy-saving fan blowing ... Read More
china latest news about Large industrial ceiling fan noise source

Large industrial ceiling fan noise source

[2018-12-20 14:16:36]
Large-scale industrial ceiling fan work, because the blade periodically bear the export of inhomogeneous airflow pulsating force, resulting in noise; the other hand, due to the blade itself and the uneven pressure distribution on the blade, the rotation of the surrounding gas and parts of the ... Read More
china latest news about What is a Electric fan?

What is a Electric fan?

[2018-12-20 14:15:47]
Fan referred to as fan, also known as fan, fan fan, is a motor-driven fan rotation, to achieve the air to speed up the flow of household appliances, mainly for cool Jieshu and circulation of air. Widely used in homes, classrooms, offices, shops, hospitals and hotels and other places. The fan is ... Read More
china latest news about Industrial News

Industrial News

[2018-03-19 14:53:04]
China's State Council Development Research Center and Germany Bosch Group recently released in Beijing, "learn from Germany" industry 4.0 "to promote the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry," the study, the State Council Development Research Center, deputy director of Long ... Read More
china latest news about shanghai aipu fans development

shanghai aipu fans development

[2018-03-19 14:51:52]
Aipu large industrial ceiling fan can be used in range of almost all need to drop temperature, ventilation places. such as shops, supermarkets, offices, hotels, hospitals, railway stations, gymnasium, dance halls, auditorium, meeting room, school, Internet cafes, workshops etc. Also suitable for ... Read More
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