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Large industrial ceiling fan noise source

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Large industrial ceiling fan noise source

Large-scale industrial ceiling fan work, because the blade periodically bear the export of inhomogeneous airflow pulsating force, resulting in noise; the other hand, due to the blade itself and the uneven pressure distribution on the blade, the rotation of the surrounding gas and parts of the disturbance But also constitute the rotation noise; In addition, due to the gas flow through the blade when the turbulence caused by the surface, vortex and vortex off, causing the pressure distribution on the blade pulsation and produce eddy current noise. These three reasons caused by the noise can be integrated as "cut wind noise", the general air volume wind pressure fan, the wind noise is also larger.

Sound and sound noise sounds only simple wind, and different sound is different, large industrial ceiling fan running, in addition to the wind, if there are other sounds issued, you can determine the big fan appeared abnormal sound. Abnormal sound may be due to foreign bodies within the bearing or deformation, and improper assembly and collision, or uneven winding of the motor winding, resulting in loose, are likely to produce abnormal sound. Lifetime of the fan The life of the fan refers to the trouble-free working hours of the normal operation of the radiator, and the service life of the quality products is generally tens of thousands of hours. In the case of price and performance, the choice of long life products is clearly better to protect our investment.



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